Monday, August 6, 2007

My Favorite Sandwich

This thing is heaven. So delicious. Trust me, you want to make this.

Here's what you need:

A bagel, bread of your choice, or bagel bread (my favorite but I didn't have any when photographing this so I used a bagel, which worked fine). I like the Everything variety. You will also need mushrooms, a bell pepper (whatever color you like), onion, avocado, sprouts, a tomato, olive oil, garlic powder, lemon pepper, cheese (not pictured) mustard, and honey (or honey mustard from the store if you prefer). I also sometimes add spinach, lettuce, smoked honey turkey from the deli...whatever sounds good.

1. Heat up your George Foreman grill while you cut up some pepper and onion (or you can use a skillet if you don't have a GF grill). Put a little oil on the grill and start get the onion and pepper grilling.

2. Cut up some mushrooms and tomato and add those to the grill.

3. While all of this is grilling, cut up some cheese (my favorite is Tillamook medium or sharp cheddar) and put that between your bread (also add some turkey now if you want to). Brush both sides of your bread with olive oil. Put your grilled veggies aside on a plate and put the bread on the grill for a few minutes. I usually keep it on there until the cheese barely starts to melt and the bread looks a little grilled. Meanwhile, sprinkle some garlic powder and lemon pepper on the veggies.

4. Mix together some mustard and honey in a bowl (or use the stuff from the store if you have some).

5. Once your bread is grilled to your preference, take it apart and add some the veggies, your honey mustard, some avocado, the sprouts, and spinach or lettuce (it's nice to add a piece of lettuce of spinach if you're using a bagel to cover the hole so everything doesn't fall through. Speaking from experience here...)

There you have it. Yum.


Michele said...

Um....YUM!!! I've got to try it! (I even have a foreman grill and I LOVE everything bagels!)

Likely said...

I never think to use my GF grill like this! Great idea!